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The Brain Dump

This page contains a dump of tips and tricks,

FAQ's, coding, scripts, and anything else I can

think of. Enjoy!

DasGeek GitHub Page

Get all the crap code I've written. Some of it's even usable and all of it is free!

Main GitHub

Distro Hopper Dream - AutoInstallScript

This Neocities Website In A Zip

My Favorite Linux Software List


Q: What did you make this crap website in?

A: This website was coded in HTML by hand (and shared code on the internet I borrowed)

The code for this webpage is hosted on my Github

Q: Where is your site hosted?

A: This site is hosted on an open-source web page builder

Q: What are your PC Specs?

A: The specs of the "Beast" are:

Q: What is your favorite distro?

A: My favorite distro for 2019 is Arch for advanced users.

The best distro for newer users or advanced users who

may not want to use Arch is MX17 or Ubuntu Mate.

Q: What is your favorite DE?

A: KDE and Xfce just depends on my mood

Q: What do you do for a living

A: I work in Telecommunications

Q: What is your favorite Linux Software

A: I've compiled a list of my favorite software here

Q: What are your favorite podcasts

My favorite podcasts to listen to include:

Q: What podcasts have you been on?

A: I'm a host on Destination Linux but was also a guest before then

I've been on The Ask Noah Show as a co-host

I appeared on Ubuntu podcast as a co-host and interviewee

Q: Do you use Windows at all?

A: I no longer user Windows outside of work. Not even for gaming.

Q: Do you dislike Microsoft?

A: I think their OS is inferior but it's nothing personal :)

Q: What are some organizations you donate to?

A: I donate to organizations that support FOSS and to the developers.

This includes: Arch, OBS, KDE, Xfce, Debian, EFF, Content Creators, etc.

Q: Do you accept sponsors?

A: If the sponsor aligns with the values of my channel and I personally can vouch for their product or service.

Q: Do you do paid reviews of products?

A: I will review products that are sent to me but will notify the viewers that the item was sent to me free of charge.

I will not agree to any terms requiring me to praise a product in exchange for money. All reviews are honest to my opinions

Q: What apps do you use with i3wm

A: Below is a table of the apps I will utilize

File ManagerPCManFM
Flexible file manager
Info CenterConkyAbility to display system information easily and include desktop shortcuts like ArcoLinux
Status BarConkyStatus bar for i3 using conky (optional)
Wallpaper ManagerNitrogenManages wallpaper
Wallpaper ChangerFehLet's you change wallpapers on each desktop
Window DecorationComptonLet's you set transparency window
Login ManagerLight-DMWorks well with i3 some login managers do not
Mouse HiderUnclutterHides mouse when not in use, de-clutter desktop
Sound ManagerVoltiLet's you adjust volume from panel
Sound ManagersPulse Audiopasystray, paman, paprefs, pavumeter, pulseaudio-module-zeroconf
MenuJ4 dMenuj4-dmenu-desktop is best menu system for launching applications
Theme ManagerlxappearanceEasiest theme management
Bluetooth Appletblueman-appletManage Bluetooth
Info Bari3barInfo bar default
Status i3statusAlternate status bar usually default
Network Appletnm-appletAllows network info on status bar
Night Appletredshift-appletControls brightness based on night time and user settings
Terminal EmulatorTilixTiling terminal emulator
NotificationsDunstNotification application
PanelXfce4-PanelXfce panel for i3